Monday, May 27, 2013

Celebrate Good Times...

A Birthday is something to celebrate!

 Happy Birthday, Hermana Oliver!

 Happy Birthday, Elder Avalos!

 Happy Birthday, Ana and Maria!

Love these celebrating good times!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


re·charge, re·charg·ing
1. to revive or restore energy, stamina, enthusiasm, etc.
2. to revive or renew (one's energies) (esp in recharge one's batteries )

We have begun our visits of recharging...AKA Zone Conferences
We try to "plug into" the missionaries needs and
give them the stamina to "keep on going"
 Zona Popayán
May 23, 2013

The city of Popayán is about a 3 hour drive from our house to the chapel.
They have only 1 zone in Popayán of 20 missionaries.
Sometimes they come into Cali to be with other missionaries...but this time we were able to just focus on the Popayán Zone.
Front: Elders Rogche (ZL), Aspajo, Gonzalea, Miranda, Ramirez, Suarez
Middle: Sisters Fuentealba, Medina, The Olivers, The Princes, Flores, DeLeon
Back: Elders Antonio, Olguin, Lobelcho, Jones, Cavillo, Dearing, Jolley, Cha (ZL), Peterson, Low

Elder Ramirez received his Captain Moroni Pin for having 10 baptisms in 3 consecutive months.

 Lunch is always a fun time together

 The Olivers traveled with us to help with afternoon workshops.

And we celebrated those who had birthdays since the last zone conference
Sisters Medina, DeLeon and Fuentealba
Elders Antonio, Lobelcho, and Suarez

 Cali Norte Zonas 
Calima, Villa Colombia, La Costa and Cordillera
 May 25, 2013
Front: Sisters Blanco, Baca, Olivers, Prince, Hernández, Galán
Back:  Elders Moran, Mancilla, Hansen, Kendrick, LaBar (ZL), Williams (ZL), Anderson, Llerena, Andrew, Lopez

Villa Colombia
Front: Sisters Marte, Campos, Olivers, Prince, Chacón, Perdomo
Back:  Elders Torres, Checo, Rosario, Delgadillo, Montes (ZL), Chase, Duque, Rodelo, Cabrera, Quisbert (ZL)

La Costa 
Front: Elders Eliason (ZL), Olivers, Prince, Inga (ZL)
Back:  Elders Faúndez, R. Lopez, Longorio, Didericksen, Armstrong, Musselman

Front:  Elders Hutchison (ZL), Olivers, Prince, J. Rodriguez (ZL)
Back:  Elders Flores, Marquez, Amado, Peart, Tidei, Vera, Melgarejo, Mendez

 Our Captain Moronis - Elder Tidei (left) and Elder Quisbert (Right)
10 baptisms in 3 consecutive months! 
Getting lunch ready to feed the multitude!!
Way to go Elders Williams, LaBar, and Montes

Celebrate Good times...Happy Birthday to you!
 Elder Moran, Elder Williams, Sister Baca
 Sister Perdomo, Elder Chase, Elder Delgadillo
 Elder Amado, Elder Flores, Elder Mendez
Elder Musselman and Elder Eliason

 Afternoon Training...4 group rotations!
Learning how missionaries can help us have
 "Real Growth" in the church!

Recharged and ready to Keep on Going!

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Rising Generation...

With the arrival of this group of missionaries our total number of 
missionaries serving in our mission rose to over 200.
This is the Rising Generation of missionaries.
Several 18 year old Elders and 19 year old Sisters...
...and the 1st time to receive more sisters than Elders!
This is the President Monson Generation!

May 2013 Group
Elders Florez, Turizo, Franco, Walker, Payne, Johnson
Sisters Campos, Cruz, Baca, Ayala, Sanda, Taica, C. Hernández, Galicia, M. Hernández



 the suitcases have only begun their many transfers!



"Our Rising Generation is worthy of our best efforts 
to support and strengthen them on their journey..."