Friday, March 21, 2014

growing by one...

Recieving ONE missionary was a lot easier than 27.
 Welcome to the best mission in the world
Hermana Alvarez!!
Prepared and ready to Preach the Gospel!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Behind the Scenes...teamwork...

This is the TEAM that makes it all happen
The Office - March 2014
Elder and Hermana Aagard...Health secretary and mission nurse
Elder Aldunate...Assistant to the President
Elder Longorio...Materials and Housing secretary
Elder Eliason...Assistant to the president
Elder Mosqueira...Registry secretary
Elder Gallardo...Secretary to the President in training
Elder Sanhueza...Financial secretary
Elder Miranda...Secretary to the President

They are wonderful...they make miracles happen!

Our New Assistants
Elder Eliason and Elder Aldunate

And this is what I call a clean office!!  
Love this Elder Sanhueza

Thank you...!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

M and M´s...March Madness, Missionary Miracles, Marvelous Moments...

Filling out the brackets for March Madness
compared to receiving 27 new missionaries at one time!
The logistics are overwhelming!
Here are a few of the things that have to be figured out...

1.  A bus big enough to move them and nearly 54 pieces of luggage from airport to the various points of drop off for the luggage.

2.  Getting Visas registerd at immigration when they only allow 6 a day from your group!
3.  Having enough beds to sleep them the first night they arrive so they can have training the following day...and NOT put the sisters with the Elders.
 March 2014 Group
front: Sisters Barahona, K. Garcia, Osorio, Segovia, PRINCE, Lopez, Valle, Ponciano, A. Garcia
back:  Elders Acuña, Pardo, Rojas, Oré, Inman, Monteiro, Belizario, Jara, Arias, Sánchez, Romero, Mariñas, Coca, Bedoya, Mejia, Albornos, Munar, Chanca, Quinto
Beautiful Sisters
Sisters Barahona, K. Garcia, Osorio, Segovia, Prince, López, A. Garcia, Valle, Ponciano

4.  Getting 27 training packets printed, punched, labeled, stuffed, and ready.
5.  27 interviews with the President.
6.  Transportation to and from Cristo Rey on the first day.

7.  Meals for a multitude...yes, we did see miracles happen!

8.  Meeting their trainers and having enough tables and chairs for everyone to sit and eat together...that was lunch for 68!


9.  Moving luggage...from hostal to mission home, from mission home to bus or taxi, from bus or taxi to another bus or taxi, and hopefully it finally arrives at their destination.
10. Training...and training...and training!

11.  What do you do if a terrible thunderstorm hits, the sewer system backs up, and your training room floods with sewage (well, we didn´t have a plan for this one, but we survived!) no pictures as we braved the chaos!

I always call this week ¨Miracle Week¨ somehow they all end up where they are supposed to go and somehow the suitcases arrive with them (most of the time) and somehow there is enough food and somehow they all seem happy!