Saturday, June 22, 2013

A little bit of this and that...

There are many little things that happen
in between the BIG happenings in the mission

Here is a little bit of this and that...

A Visit from Maria's granddaughter, Ana Sofia
It was SO fun to hold this little one.
She is as good natured as she is cute.
She must take after her grandma Maria who always has a smile for everyone!

(how I missed holding 3 of my grandchildren as babies!...they were born after we arrived here in the mission and are growing up fast.
Our 10th grandchild is due in August.... I ache to be there when that little girl is born!

Going to church with friends
Actually this is worthy to note for the following reasons:
1.  President Prince had a coordinating council this day and could NOT come
which meant that I was to pick them up and get them to church by myself. Not a big deal you say?  Just come and try to navigate the streets of Cali.  
It was a full-blown miracle and act of faith to arrive and return!

2.  President Prince and I are teaching the missionary discussions to the 2 beautiful young women on the back...Jennifer and Jessica.  They are amazing, talented, intelligent young women.  It is a miracle to watch them absorb and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3.  Their cousin, John David, decided to come also.  He was scooped up by the great young men in this ward and has since been back to a scripture and soccer activity.

Father's Day grilling 
They bought a gas grill for the mission home and we had the first cook out on Father's Day.  What says Father's day more than a grilled steak?
Happy Father's day to all the wonderful mission Dad's!
(it is kind of unfair that the missionaries only call home for Mother's Day!)

Missionary Activity with investigators
 We have always welcomed our missionaries here in Cali to bring investigators to the mission home for family nights and activities (IF we are home!)
Elders Delgadillo, Chase, and Torres along with Hermanas Perdomo and Chacón
brought 12 investigators over for a fun night of activities and friendship

Sisters Chacón and Perdomo with their investigators

Elders Torres, Chase, and Delgadillo with their investigators

The evening was a success with games, lesson, and brownies & ice cream!

 A trip to BUGA

 We were there for Elder Riepl's first baptisms in the mission 
and we were there for his last ones.
You can see in their eyes how much his companion and the people in Buga love Elder Riepl.  He was an excellent missionary and leader.

On the way home from Buga I rode in the backseat (made for 2) with
Sister Torgerson and Sister Oliver.
We were cozy and even happier to get out when we got home!

It is the little things that happen in between life that make it so sweet.
May your week be full of little bits of this and that!

Four moving forward...

In June 2011 we met Elder Riepl, Elder Jensen, and Elder Stucki while they were in the MTC.
In July 2011 Elder Aspajo (on right) was the first missionary we received in the mission,

A lot happens in 2 years...
You watch young men grow to be capable leaders.
You watch their testimonies deepen and their faith grow.
You watch the look in their eyes change from fear of arriving in a new country,
to confidence that the Lord was and will be at their side.
You watch friendships deepen and hearts expand to love all people.
You listen to stories that have shaped their lives.
You listen to memories they will forever share with family and those they teach.
You listen to them witness of the truthfulness of the gospel with power and conviction.
You remember that the Lord is in charge...and missionary work is a miracle.
You remember that your life has been changed because these valiant missionaries were placed in your care.

As these four missionaries move forward with their lives,
they will be missed!

We had a fun "last supper" with them...

 and the next morning sent them off to their families...
 Paola and Alexander, converts of Elder Stucki, came to see him off

This is how we all feel about their leaving Colombia!

 Headed home to the U.S.A....Goodbye Colombia!

And then Elder Aspajo...headed to Iquitos, Peru via Bogota

We will all move forward.
Our lives are better for having known these four missionaries.
They have left a part of their hearts in Colombia.
They are loved and will be missed.

Hasta Ver!

A BONUS picture...Elder Jensen made it home

and Elder Stucki made it home!

Monday, June 10, 2013


There are A LOT of festivos (or holidays) in Colombia.
We, nor the Colombians, know exactly what it is they are celebrating on a given holiday!

But celebrate they do and so do we.
Love to have time with the office crew and ANY birthday will do!

Happy Birthday Elder we celebrate YOU!!

A special family...

The Moyano Family is special to President Prince.
He taught the Mother (in green 2nd from left), Father (now deceased), 
and 3 of the 12 children when he was serving as a missionary in Cali.

 Gloria, the oldest of the 12 children, is suffering from Cancer
Together with the missionaries we went to visit and give a special blessing of health to 
2 of the Moyano girls.

Jorge, the youngest son, is a dance instructor and promised to teach us the Salsa.

We will be going this week to teach the gospel to some of the grandchildren.
This family continues to seek for the truth and I am sure it is the faith of 
this wonderful Matriarch that keeps them all together.

When we first arrived in Colombia she put her arms around me and said,
"I know why you are here.  I prayed Elder Prince back here."

Hopefully her faith will be rewarded as we continue to teach her posterity!
A VERY special family indeed!


Starting in the end of February we started receiving
"Temporary Missionaries"
...those who are ready to start their missions but are waiting for their visas to arrive.
We have had some who were here 3 days before receiving their visas
others who have been here almost 4 months.

They are all Colombians who received a calling signed by a prophet
to serve in a foreign country.
With faith they begin their service here.
They work hard.
They become trainers and leaders.
They fall in love with members, investigators, and companions.
And then that phone call comes...
their visa has arrived and they will be going to the mission they were called to.

It was just a temporary stop in our mission...
...but a permanent change in our lives and theirs.

The missions in Argentina are receiving some great missionaries!
Until we meet again...this is just a "temporary" separation!
Elders Munoz, Florez, and Rodelo
Sisters Valerio and Gonzalez

Thursday, June 6, 2013


You can always amend a big plan, but you can never expand a little one.
I don't believe in little plans.
I believe in plans big enough to meet a situation which we can't possibly foresee now.
--Harry S. Truman

Today was Mission Leadership Council
They Planned...
and they planned...
and they planned...

They think BIG...only the future will tell if their plans play out.
With this great group of leaders, I think there is a great possibility!

Our new Zone Leaders
Elders Perrnoud, Heredia, Matos, Hutchison, Williams, Dahlin, and Quisbert

Missionary Leadership Council
Front: Elders Rivadeneira, Calle, Alvarado, Cordova, Eliason, Inga, Guerrero, Alvarez, Quisbert, Rogche
seated: Elder Menendez (AP), Hermanas Fuentealba, Medina, Araneda, Jacobo, Elder Avalos (AP)
3rd row:  Elders Perez, Riepl, Heredia, Montes, Valdiviezo, Matos, Borg, Zambrano, Rodriguez, Hutchison
4th row:  Elders Aldunate, Stucki, Perrnoud, Novoa, Dahlin, Williams, Edwards, Welling, LaBar, Cha

I wish I could just PLAN how to keep all of these great leaders around me forever!

Some highlights of our day:
Planning to keep them nutritiously fed

Planning to help our missionaries

Planning "what would you do for a Klondike Bar?"

Planning if we can find time for a nap!

Planning to be friends forever!
LOVE this pic!  Love these missionaries!