Friday, August 30, 2013

Pasto makes me smile!...

We didn't make it to Pasto or Ipiales for Zone Conferences.
On Friday President Prince and the assistants
held a webcast with these zones.
It wasn't the same.

I wanted to look into their eyes.
I wanted to shake their hands.
I wanted to hug the sisters.
I wanted to smile with them and laugh with them.
I wanted to study the scriptures with them.
I wanted to give them birthday cookies.
I wanted to tell them we love them so they could see and feel it.

We love these missionaries...
Today I received these pictures from the Zone Leaders
They made me smile...I needed that!

Front:  Elder Montes y Elder Aldunate (ZL's)
2nd row:  Hna Sepulveda, Princes, Hermana Araneda
3rd row:  Sisters Meza and Sanda, Elders Correa, Garcia, Aguilera, Arista, Sisters Taica and Avila
Back:  Elders Welling (balloon), Whitney, Peart, Mitchell, Pizarro, Menendez (balloon), Karren, 
Samoza, and Celaya
(sorry the format they sent was small and I can't make them larger 
without losing resolution!)

And here we are left to right:
Elder Welling, Elder Menendez, President Prince, Hermana Prince
At least we look HAPPY...a bit jaundiced, but HAPPY!

and some HAPPY companionships...

and this is what our zone leaders do best!!  

More pictures...

Pasto is complicated...but they make me SMILE!
Thanks...I needed that!

Strike three...this is getting old...BUT..

With God, Nothing is impossible!

We are fasting and praying for a miracle
in Colombia this weekend!

Join us as we pray for...
...roads to be opened
...the chapels to be filled
...the missionaries to be safe
...the work to go forth!

"and they shall go forth and 
NONE shall stay them..."
D&C 1:5

We do not doubt that our missionary moms 
(and dad's and families)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 High...Zarzal, Tuluá, Buga...our northern zones

The day has only just begun...
We are headed to our 5th zone conference.
It is looking to be a long day
according to our assistants!

 Arriving in Tuluá we found 3 zones ready, waiting,
and studying...

And the assistants are awake and ready to go to work!!!
and work they do...we are so grateful for all their hard work!
Let the games begin...

 and they are getting it all figured out!

 These zones were spectacular...
the best we have seen with the game!

 And then the real learning begins...
charity, iniciative, and our work with the members!

A break for a typical Colombian lunch...
Chuleta, rice, french fries, and salad.

birthdays from June, July, August
Celebrating Hermana Rapalo and
Elders Checo, Separovic, Rojas, Cervantes, and B. Payne

Zona Buga
Front:  Hermanas Guzman, Villacis, Princes, Hermanas Rapalo and Flores
Back:  Elders Checo, Morgan, Anderson, Cha, K. Rodriguez, and Suarez

 Zona Tuluá
Front:  Hermanas Galán and C. Hernandez, Princes, Elders Williams and Rojas
Back:  Elders Mina, Sacco, Wilkerson, Separovic, Mendez, and Candia

 Zona Zarzal
 Front:  Hermanas Campos and Cruz, Princes, Hermanas M. Hernandez and Cedano
Back:  Elders Quisbert, Lipe, Sanhueza, Camacho, Lamoreaux, Bran, Cervantes, Rowley, Lang, and B. Payne

 Our Sweet Sisters
Front:  Hermanas Flores and Rapalo
Back:  Hermanas Cruz, Guzman, Campos, Prince, Villacis, C. Hernandez, Cedano,
M. Hernandez, and Galán