Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Arrivals

On our first trip to the airport on Tuesday..... 
we said goodbye to our 5 returning missionaries.

On the second trip to the airport on Tuesday.....
 our assistants picked up 1 Hermana Medina arriving from Argentina alone...a long visa delay, but she finally made it!

On our third trip to the airport on Tuesday..... 
we picked up 22 arriving missionaries from the Bogota MTC.

On the fourth trip to the airport on Tuesday.....
our secretaries picked up 1 Elder Longorio who didn't get a seat on the earlier plane from the Bogota MTC!!

The first day...minus Elder Longorio who hadn't arrived yet!
The second day...our 24 new arriving missionaries!!

On the balcony finishing their welcome to the mission lunch.

DAY 2...
meeting and training with their new companions!

Lunch for 60....

We did it...Elder Paez after working his first transfer as an assistant!

 President Prince with his new assistants
Elders Carillo and Paez

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful for...

Our many missionaries!
Thanksgiving Day came and went with the visit of the Uceda Family.
And on the heels of that visit was transfer week.

We are grateful for those who faithfully finish their missions 
leave behind a trail of goodness

 Elders Holden and Belnap, Sister Bautista, Elders Baez and Bolokoski

Saying goodbye is hard to do


Elder Juan A. Uceda 
visited our mission November 21-22
Elder Stutz, Elder Uceda, Elder Carillo, Pres. Prince
He arrived with his darling daughter and wife!
Olga Inez and Hermana Uceda
He taught, inspired, directed, loved, and cheered us on.

The spirit he brought to the mission was incredible and we all left wanting to be a little better.

Here are pictures of each zone with the Uceda Family
(so sad that our flight to Pasto was cancelled and we had a skype conference with our 
Pasto and Ipiales Zones...thus no pictures of them)

 Tuluá Zone
 Paraíso Zone
 Palmira Zone
 Calima Zone
 Villa Colombia Zone
 San Fernando Zone
Popayán Zone
The Office 
 Our mission couples....The Olivers and Torgersons

The greatest of THANKS goes to this behind the scene kitchen crew who helped shop for, prepare, and transport to the chapel - lunch for 132 hungry missionaries!!!
Maria, Ana, Luz Mary, Miriam, Pres Trochez, and Ramon

And of course we celebrated the birthdays of 
September, October, and November 
(since the last zone conference)
It was a Happy, Happy time for our mission!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Out and about...

Last week we spent one night in the clinic with these cute sisters....
...glad to report that all is well and they are out and working again

We attended baptisms on Friday night in the Villa Colombia stake... are the cute sisters from this zone...
and this cute little thing got baptized...
Then to the Israel ward for baptisms on Saturday night.  
Elder Amado and Wilcox had 3 baptisms.

We enjoy being out with the members.  There is a lot of support for our missionaries.
It is wonderful to see the dedication of these wonderful Saints.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Palmira, Tulua, Cali, Pasto, and then Popayán...
A week of training finished.

Our assistants, Elder Carillo and Elder Stutz, 
were with us every step (and flight) of the way!

I think the best description of how an AP (assistant to the President) feels came from my son-in-law. 
He said, "I have never been as exhausted in my life as I was when I was AP for 6 months on my mission." (that is saying something as a father of 4!)

Elder Carillo feels the exhaustion set in! 
(and he has only been AP for 3 weeks)

We are grateful for the 8 great missionaries who have filled this assignment in our mission so far.
Elders Gallo and Farr.................................Elders Jamett and Farr

Elders Hernandez and Jamett..................Elders Jamett and Belnap
Elders Belnap and Almendares.................Elders Almendares and Stutz

Elders Carrillo and Stutz