Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Beginnings...

This was so true in our mission this week

 I remember so well when this group was just beginning their missions
Sisters Villacis, Guzman, and Galán
Elders Alvarez, Lipe, Fuentealba, Avalos, Welling, Menendez, Rodriguez, Suarez, Zambrano, Alvarado, Guerrero, and Candia
And now that beginning has come to an end
and they are at the beginning of new life adventures.

We celebrated and cried together through their final day...
lunch, interviews, english tests, and testimony meeting.

Their new beginnings have started...
 Hermana Villacis arrived safely in Ecuador
Elder Welling arrived back in Utah
and was reunited with his family
his companion...Elder Belnap!
Elder Fuentealba is back in his parents arms in Chile!
and Elder Menendez made it to Uruguay!
What a Happy family reunion!

And within moments of their departure
A new group arrived from the MTC
Their Beginning at the MTC has ended
Their New Beginning in the mission field has begun
 We had a wonderful first day getting to know each other
lunch and interviews and a trip to Cristo Rey to see Cali.
 Sisters Espiritu, Mallea, Rosales, Hernandez, and Landa
Elders Parraga, Muñoz, Tolentino, Perez, and Amasifuen

 Day 2
A lot of training and meeting new companions

 Don´t peek!

This is really a New Beginning for them with their 1st companion!

New Beginnings deserve a good lunch
and the chance to get to know each other

Every ¨New Beginning¨
comes from some other
Beginning´s end.
We love to see the many Beginnings in the lives of our missionaries!