Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making and keeping friends!

Today we visited the Floresta Ward in Cali where I was reunited with the Moyano family -- members I baptized 34 years ago in the summer of 1977.  Laura Moyano had 12 children, and at that time, 2 were baptized with her.  Later, her husband Jorge Alberto and other children were also baptized.  Although Jorge passed away some years ago, just last month Laura went to the Bogota Temple - at significant personal sacrifice and hardship - where she was sealed to her deceased husband and had a deceased son sealed to them as well.  In the picture below, Maria Angelica and Claudia also appear with their mother and a local High Councilor, Jorge Mora, who was friends to them as a boy during my years.  Much to our delight, Laura showed us an old photograph of "Elder Prince" (circa 1977) that she faithfully carries with her at all times.  She told us she had "prayed us back" to Cali so she could see "her missionary" again.  Friends like these make it all worthwhile.

Later on this evening we attended a fireside in the Terron Colorado Ward where we again were reunited with old friends.  At this fireside, we spoke to the youth about preparing for full time missionary service.  We were struck by the strength, the humility, and especially the open, loving culture of these wonderful Saints.  What did we do to deserve these opportunities?  We are honored to be among them, making new friends while being reunited with old ones.

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sogreen said...

Just checking in on you!!! It looks like everything is going so well!!! Tons of love from St. George!!!