Friday, August 19, 2011

The best laid plans

Every day finds us wondering why we can't stay on schedule.  We start the day with a great plan and sometimes it only takes a look out the window to know it is going to be a LONG day.  That is how Wednesday started...we looked out the window to see the traffic backed up in both directions in front of our house and we were headed out in it!  What should have taken us 1/2 an hour to drive to Palmira ended up being a 2 hour tour!  We still are not sure if it was the bus that lost its wheel, the closure of a street, or just because it was Wednesday...but thus is the traffic on the streets of Cali.

Elders Knight and Elder Aamodt said goodbye to the traffic of the city as they finished their missions with honor this week.  We were at the airport on Tuesday morning at 5am to say good bye to them and wish them well on the next phase of their lives.  (I must say that the traffic is wonderful at 4:30am...I just wish the stores were open at that hour!  Where is Wal Mart when you need it!) What marvelous missionaries! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were missionary interviews in Tulua and Palmira with more house inspections and more experiences trying to find our way around.  Our zone leaders are men of great faith...they have to be to get in the car with me behind the wheel and expect that I will understand the directions they give to me in Spanish on how to find the missionaries apartments.  It is always a test for them to see if they know where to go and if the keys they have will actually open the doors!  We have experienced driving on one way streets...the wrong way...much to the insistance of the zone leaders who said,
"Hermana, I'm SURE you can go down this is Colombia!" 
(someone forgot to tell that to the cars that were headed straight for me!)

Thursday was zone conference for the Tulua and Palmira zones.  What marvelous missionaries.  We shared testimony, shared scriptures, shared lunch, shared music, shared laughter, and shared some good competition.  We are glad that both zones came out victorious in the games.

                                         Tulua Zone                                           Palmira Zone

Celebrating Birthdays!

Let the games begin....!

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