Monday, August 1, 2011

Count your many blessings...1 month

After 1 month in the mission is a quick accounting of our many blessings:
165 missionaries
  30 days of safety and answers to prayers
  10 safe airplane flights
    1 Marcie who accompanies us in our adventures and plays the piano everywhere she goes!
    5 bienvenidas
    1 zone leader counsel
    2 zone conferences
    1 district conference
    5 trips to the mercado and home again (if only you knew what an accomplishment this is!)
    3 firesides (yes, we were the speakers)
    4 hotel stays  (even with cold showers!)
    5 batches of brownies
    4 batches of cookies
    2 double batches of banana bread
 500 weekly missionary letters read
   60 interviews
   40 plus boxes arriving safely from the US (our shipment!)
 100's of pictures taken  (that's a lot of smiling!)
 100's of taxi rides safely executed
 2 many phone calls from sick missionaries :(
 2 assistants and 4 office elders that keep us on the right path
 Many reunions with old friends from Jon's mission days
 Weekly skyping with children, grandchildren, and parents...our lifeline!
 1 area medical advisor who happily takes all my phone calls.
 Many missionary department and area office staff that answer all our questions.
 1 Ana who helps me keep the house did I get the laundry and house cleaning done before?
 1 Maria who keeps the missionary office clean and helps Ana with lunches!
 5 children and 7 grandchildren who are the wind beneath our wings.
 Many friends who email us and tell us we can do this.
 Parents of our missionaries who support and pray for all of us.
 and 121 baptisms! 
 The gospel is true...what else really matters!!

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