Friday, October 7, 2011

Time to eat again? It must be cambio week!

I was asked this week if I ever thought that I would be eating this much on my mission.  The answer is clearly "NO!"  But I still stand in awe at how much the missionaries can eat and still remain hungry!
This week we had a welcome lunch for the new arrivals (and of course the office crew is not to be denied a chance to eat!)  We had breakfast and lunch to fix for the day of training...this involved not only the new missionaries and office crew, but the trainers as well.  Somehow we managed to cook another lunch on Thursday for the missionaries who are leaving for home and of course our office missionaries and a few more who "just happened" to be in the office at lunch time!  The lunches in Colombia are the main meal of the day and they are BIG.  When dinner time rolls around, I can't even begin to think about cooking again....but of course there is always someone who thinks it is time to eat again!

Today we said goodbye to 3 wonderful missionaries.
Elder Tache, Elder Marquez, and Hermana Munoz will be missed.
Well done, thou good and faithful servants!!

Bags are packed.  Tickets in hand.  Farewell you mighty soldiers!!

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