Monday, October 31, 2011

Who am I and where am I going?

Some days I have to remind myself who I am and gratefully we have assistants and office staff to tell us where we are going! 
Elders Hernandez and Jamett- our assistants

We had a great experience with Elders Waddell and Davila as they visited to reorganize the stake presidency in the San Fernando Stake of Cali on October 16 - 17.  They inspired the saints to look to the temple, to listen to the prophet, to do the little things in their families that would strengthen and bless, and to continue to be faithful.  Being with them reminded me that I am a daughter of God and the Lord is mindful of me.

Tuesday, October 18...Zone Conference with Zona Calima and Happy Birthday to Marcie  (reminded me that I am a mother who is VERY far away from her children)
Zona Calima
Elders Jensen, L. Martinez, Kennedy, Stutz, Smuin, Mercado, Rivera, J. Martinez, Galindo, Rieple, Rosales, y Gomez

Wednesday, October 19...Zone Conference with Zona Villa Colombia   (reminded me that I am a mission mom with Elders who need encouragement)

Zona Villa Colombia
Elders Cachi, Stucki, Condori, Wright, Sanchez, Bastias, Castillo, Ureta, Zuniga, Almendares, Bautista, y Mas

Thursday, October 20...Zone Conference with Zona Medellín (getting up at 3am reminded me that I am  a person not getting enough sleep!)
Zona Medellín
Elders Pino, Baldiviezo, Loro, Endara, Patino, Duque, Juarez, Baez, Aragon, Gonzales, Chaves, Parada, Fuentes, y Calderón
Hermanas Ardila y Lopez
Friday, October 21...Zone Conference with Zona Belén  (reminded me that I am a teacher and I need to look for those teaching moments)
Zona Belén
Elders Yapura, Benitez, Tumbaco, Camacho, Bolokoski, A. Martinez, Aleluya, Dyas, Venable, Paez, Venegas, Melendez, Gallo, Araya, Toledo, Day, Cabezas, y Cachari.  Hermanas Cristancho y Pinto

Saturday, October 22...Visiting with the saints in Chocó (reminded me that I am really a gringo! And I am a missionary!)

President Prince baptized Jesus and Elder Yapura baptized Betsy in the swimming pool

Sunday, October 23...Branch conference in Istmina (reminded me that I am an instrument in the Lord’s hands and he loves ALL of his children no matter where they live or worship)

Hermanas from Istmina                             President Trochez
Monday, October 24...Walking the streets of Quibdo and flying back to Cali  (reminded me that I am incredibly blessed and need to share those blessings with others)

Wednesday and Thursday, October 26-27...Zone Conference with Pasto Zone (reminded me that I want to live somewhere hot when I grow up...the climate in Cali is much better than in Pasto!)

Zona Pasto
Elders Lewis, Hoddenbach, Chiroque, Farr, Velasquez, Cary, Ordonez, Loayza, Guerrero, Antezana, Cisternas, Vasquez, Strahm, Aspajo, Zuniga, y Garcia

Elders Strahm y Loayza enjoying lunch!

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