Saturday, January 21, 2012


Our missionaries are awesome!

This week they have worked to keep their commitments.
At this moment we have


new investigators in the Colombia Cali Mission.
Our goal was 800...and we have 2 more days to go!!

According to Preach My Gospel New Investigators are:
"...individuals who have received a lesson AND accepted a specific return appointment."

At this moment President Prince and I have about 7 new investigators...we are turning them over to our competent missionaries to teach and bring to baptism.

The Lord is at work in His vineyard with His servants...He has prepared these people to receive our missionaries.  The members here have been wonderful. 
The missionaries could not have done it without the support and help of these great saints. 


Jenn and Greg said...

This Mom of a Cali Colombia Missionary is so excited! What wonderful servants and faithful members! We, in Phoenix Arizona are in awe of your hard work and dedication. We continue our positive thoughts and prayers.


Jennifer Hansen
MM to Elder Tyler Hansen

aubreyq said...

They did it! Hooray!