Friday, January 6, 2012

Zone Leader Counsel

It takes a mighty zone leader 
to do the work of 10 missionaries.
But it takes an even mightier zone leader to get
10 missionaries to do their work!

We have great leaders in our mission.
They are learning about leadership.
They are learning about dealing with challenges and personalities.
They are learning to be more humble.
They are learning how to do hard things even when it isn't fun!

Their warm hand shakes, smiles, and kindness
make every cookie I bake worthwhile.
They simply know how to make me smile.

Zone Leader Counsel
January 2012

And of these 24 leaders, 9 will be finishing their missions
before our next zone counsel.
Well done...thou good and faithful leaders!

Elders Galindo, Diaz, Rivas, Cary, Cachari, Zuniga, Vasquez
Fiestas, y Calderón with Hermana y Presidente Prince

we could not train these leaders without the help of

"The Office"
Hermana y Elder Torgerson
Elders Belnap, Rázuri, Ramirez, Alfaro, Vera, y Jamett
y MARIA!!! 
(every office needs a Maria - just ask the missionaries!!)

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