Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Announcing...25 new missionaries...excelente!!

We feel like lucky parents to have received
25 new missionaries in one day!
All parents are partial to their children, but these missionaries

They come to us from 11 different countries:
Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, USA,
Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Uruguay

23 Elders and 2 Sisters
Housing them and training them was exciting, exhausting, and engaging.
We have a lot to learn from these chosen representatives during the next 2 years!

A visit to Cristo Rey to look over their new field of labor...

A baptism at night to teach that in this mission
we work with members to baptize and retain new investigators.

President Prince had the blessing of baptizing one of our investigators that night was a spiritual feast!

A day full of training...our new missionaries might be a little overwhelmed...

 but together with their new trainers...they are happy and ready to go to work!!

Welcome to the best mission in the world!!!

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aubreyq said...

SO many new missionaries! Congratulations - they are lucky to have the best parents in the world as their pseudo parents for 2 years.