Saturday, February 18, 2012

How do I love thee...

33 years ago, on Valentine's Day, we were married.
How do I love thee...
....enough to get up at 5am and go to the airport

to say goodbye to Elder Christian Calderón.
and then spend 3 hours at the downtown market
followed by 3 hours of missionary interviews
(of course handing out chocolates and valentine stickers)
and an evening of missionary phone calls.

How do I love thee...
more each day
through every experience on our journey
to eternity.

We have finished interviews with 4 zones
San Fernando, Villa Colombia, Calima, and Palmira

In Palmira we went to the zone leaders house to interview
Elders Jensen and Galeano.
Elder Galeano arrived with our 25 new missionaries and 2 days into his
mission he ended up in the hospital for 5 days.
He is now having a nurse visit 4 times a day at their apartment to give injections.
After 7 days of this he is hopeful to really get started on his mission.
I love these faithful missionaries. 
Our zone leaders, Elder Coria (pictured here on the right)
and Elder Tauese (out with missionaries)
have been amazing as they have loved and taken care of this great new missionary
Friday we had Zone Leader Counsel.
We now have 9 new zone leaders who are excellent missionaries and love serving the Lord.
Elders Coria, Smuin, Stutz, Alfaro, Rocha
Moscol, Flores, Garcia, and Cachi

A day of training, spiritual feasting, and planning.
These great zone leaders are the future leaders of the kingdom!
24 Zone Leaders + 2 Assistants + 1 President + 1 Sister Prince = one long day well done!
I LOVE being with these missionaries!!

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