Friday, March 23, 2012

'Til we meet again

"Never say good-bye because saying good-bye means going away,
and going away means forgetting."
~ Peter Pan

There are some people you KNOW you will never forget
so we will not say good-bye
God be with you til we meet again!
Elder Catala...headed home to Argentina
We were at the airport at 6am to see Elder Catala off. 
He has been a great missionary and is ready to move on with his life.

 Elder Jamett...headed home to Chile.
I tried to convince him to stay 2 more years,
but the pull of a mother's heart at home beckons him to leave.
After 7 months as assistant to President Prince,
Elder Jamett's leadership, humility, humor, kindness, organization,
teaching skills, smile, phone calls, and more
will be missed.

We believe in a God of miracles,
We believe we will meet again!!

Elder Jamett baptized one of his investigators
on the way to the airport today
...he remembered his missionary purpose
up to the final moment!

'til we meet again!

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