Friday, May 18, 2012

We did it...(again)...May zone conference

Monday - Medellin (2 zones)
Wednesday - Super Cali (6 zones...1/2 the mission)
Friday - Pereira (3 zones)
Saturday/Sunday - District Conference Armenia
Monday - release and say goodbye to a missionary
Tuesday/Wednesday - Pasto
Today....Zone leader council

We DID it...another round of Zone Conferences
combined with life coming and going in between!
This round of zone conferences was all about the role of the Spirit
seven tools to bring the spirit into your teaching.
It was a great spiritual feast to be with these representatives of Jesus Christ. must be Medellín
Medellín Zone
Belén Zone must be SuperCali!

Here we are looking out over Cali
and by the expressionson our faces, we still haven't figured out what to do with this city!!
 Tuluá Zone
Palmira Zone
Calima Zone
Villa Colombia Zone
San Fernando Zone
Popayán Zone
Elder & Sister Oliver and Sister and Elder Torgerson
Elders Novoa, Vera, Almendares, Belnap must be Pereira
Manizales Zone
Pereira Zone
Armenia Zone

MONDAY - Goodbye Elder Gonzalez
Elder Gonzalez finished his mission and headed home to Chile
with the help of our able secretaries...Elder Novoa and Elder Vera

TUESDAY/ must be Pasto
Pasto Zone must be Zone Leader Council
We have 7 new zone leaders that joined us this last change.

Our zone leaders are wondeful

...and this is how we feel when it is all over!
These assistants are amazing and we really wear them out!

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