Sunday, June 10, 2012

The BIG Question....

On July 1st the new Colombia Medellín mission will be formed.
The BIG question in the mission right now is

Will I be going to the Medellín mission
will I stay in the Cali mission?

This is "Change Week" in the Mission. 
The changes this week will determine which mission our missionaries will be in.
It has been VERY difficult for President Prince to make these changes.
It is even harder for Sister Prince to think about giving up some of her missionaries.

The ANSWER to the Question is:
I'll go where you want me to go!

The Lord is at work in HIS vineyard.
We just finished 2 full weeks of mission interviews which equals 20 loaves of Banana Bread!
From Medellín to Ipiales the missionaries are in basically good health, happy for having talked with their moms on mothers day, and doing an amazing job as servants of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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aubreyq said...

I know this is so hard for both of you!! I'm sure everyone will end up where they belong. Good luck!