Thursday, September 6, 2012

The missionaries come flying in...

....hurrah!  hurrah!!
It is always exciting to see the new missionaries arrive.
They come from a variety of family backgrouds,
they come with a diversity of talents,
they come with a desire to share the gospel and invite others to come unto Christ.

We had 20 new missionaries arrive in the Sept 4 group.

The heat of the valley is the first thing to greet them and it is quite a shock after the cold in Bogota.

We had a great lunch...served in the office, (those of you reading the blog have learned that we still do not have a kitchen in the mission home.) 
We prepared at one house, cooked at another, and then carried it all to the office. 
 Here is dessert waiting to be served...pie de limón...yum!
I wish I had taken pictures of the whole was a miracle and it tasted great!

 We manage to keep smiling for A LOT of photos together.
Here we all are at the Cristo Rey lookout...from here we can see all the valley of Cali.
There is a lot of missionary work to be done here in this valley.

As always...I welcome with open arms the arrival of Sister Missionaries.
Hermana Sepúlveda and Hermana Araneda
bring our sister missionary count up to 9....we need more sisters.


headed off the mountain...still plenty of enthusiasm...
the early morning starting to catch up with them...
finally giving in to the lull of the ride!
 2 assistants happy that I'm not taking pictures of them sleeping
(they were the picture takers)
and VERY glad the bus driver didn't fall asleep on the ride!!


 The day finally caught up with them.
Did I mention that they got up at 3am?

After this nice nap and a great Domino's pizza party,
We were off to witness 2 great baptisms.
They were all excited and ready to get to work so they could be the one in the water!
(for the rush...we didn't get pictures)


 Of course there was food...
Here is Sister Oliver helping to serve up lunch...
...brownies are waiting to have the ice cream added!

The Torgersons and Olivers are greatly loved and appreciated in the mission.
Thank you to Sister Torgerson for making all the brownies...she DOES have a kitchen!!

They gathered up their suitcases and headed off with their trainers to their first areas!

And this is how we all feel when it is is another miracle!
Everyone has arrived where they should be.


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