Thursday, October 18, 2012

The time has come...the time is now...

One of the oft quoted sayings of the missionaries is:
"I can't believe how fast the time is going by"
and before they know it,
it is their turn to pack up, retrieve their passports, and return to their homes.

Elders Canari, Aleluya, Rocha, Almeida, McKay, Peek, Rázuri, Almendares, and Patino
I can't believe this great group of missionaries has gone home...time is going by too fast!

We had the "last supper" and celebrated Elder McKay's 3rd birthday in the mission field!!

The best gift was having Elder McKay's parents arrive at the Mission Home to pick him up from his mission.
 What a pleasure it was to hand this son back over to his parents.
It is a treat to feel the strength of the parents who have loaned their children to the Lord for 2 years.

At the airport the following morning, Elder Rivadeneira brought his violin to serenade them home.

Our assistant, Elder Stutz, said good bye to 2 of his former companions
Elder Patino and Elder Almendares

The time had come to say good-bye to this faithful assistant.
Elder Almendares, or Dr. Almendares as I call him, has been an incredible missionary.
He is happiest dressed in white at a baptism.
He is inspiring as he encourages the other missionaries to do better.
He has helped me with more than one sick missionary and been the confidence they needed to stay on their missions.  He has grown into a wonderful teacher and has a wonderful future ahead of him.
We will miss Elder Almendares!

The time has come...the time is now... 

 a tender moment...
Elder Rázuri ready to go....
The time always comes..ready or not!

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