Friday, October 26, 2012

Zone Leaders enjoying the output of the finished kitchen!

With the oven in place and the refrigerators loaded,
the zone leaders enjoyed the benefits of having my kitchen finally completed.

Cinnamon and waiting for missionaries to arrive.

Arriving and ready to have breakfast!  

                                                                                        Elders Walton and Avalos

Some of the Zone Leaders travel 12 hours by bus to arrive,
others leave very early and have a 2 -3 hour bus ride.  
They are great missionaries and always happy to see each other.

                         Elders Avalos and Carillo
                                                              Elders Rodgriguez, Bolokoski, and Avalos
 Elders Yapura and Rodriguez

President Prince joining his leaders for breakfast.

Headed to the office for a day of training
 Our new zone leaders this transfer:
 Elders Bello, Lamoreaux, and Yapura
Our Zone Leaders!
Front:  Elders Bello, Riepl, Pres & Sis Prince, Elders Yapura, Aspajo, Camacho, y Toledo
Back:  Elders Bolokoski, Rodriguez, Paez, Jensen, Tauaese, Lamoreaux, Menendez, Walton, Hidalgo, Avalos, Baez, and Fuentealba

 It is always an adventure getting lunch is Maria drying the lettuce...
yes...we did discover a fast way of drying lettuce by putting the clean lettuce in a pillow case and swinging it around (primitive salad spinner)...problem was the water that splattered all over the windows that Ana had just cleaned!!!
(you have to hand us one for creativity!!)

 Barbacoa pork rio meets Colombia!!
 It's a thumbs up, happy are we lunch!!

We love these happy, capable zone leaders, assistants, and our office staff!

Elders Silva, Chamorro, and Rivadeneira
Behind the scenes of our zone leader council...keeping it all working!

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