Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mission Presidents in Quito, Ecuador

One of the fun parts of traveling to Quito 
was getting to see returned missionaries
and meeting the parents of one of our office secretaries.
Hermana Munoz is now married and expecting her first child.  
She is happily involved in the gospel and has now been home 1 year. 
Elder Ramirez just finished his mission in October.
When we divided the mission in July, he stayed in Medellín as assistant to the President.
It was a great loss to us and we were delighted to get to visit with him again.
He traveled by bus from Guayaquil and met us at the airport as we were leaving Quito.
We expect to hear great things from him in his life! 
The Chamorro's came to the hotel to exchange packages for their son.
Elder Chamorro is training in the office as the new materials secretary.
After meeting these wonderful parents we know why Elder Chamorro is such an excellent missionary.

                         Elders Uceda, Pino, & Waddell                                 Sisters Waddell, Pino, Allen, & Uceda

We received some incredible insights and training from 
the area presidency and their wives.
Brother Stephen Allen, general director of the missionary department, and his wife were with us. 
The 5 mission presidents from Colombia
Pres. Andelin - Bogota North, Pres. Lozano - Bogota South, Pres. Gaviria - Baranquilla,
Pres. Prince - Cali, and Pres. Pitarch - Medellin
The Colombian Mission Presidents and their wives with 
Pres and Sis Hall- Colombia MTC President (on the left)

The Middle of the World
We had a day where we visited the sights of Quito together.
Here we are at the middle of the world...Latitude 00 00 00

Standing on both sides of the equator!

With President and Sister Pitarch of the Medellín Mission.

The morning activities included our tour of the middle of the world sights and then lunch at the Crater restaurant.

We learned a lot of interesting facts about the Equator and different customs of the tribes in Ecuador.  Interesting things like:  how to shrink heads, the importance of the sun clock and sun dial, how water does not spin on the equator line as it drains, how to balance a raw egg on a nail, and the dangers you might encounter when swimming in the Amazon. 
 It was a fun morning at the Middle of the world.

We had a double decker evening tour of the city of Quito.
Quito is a beautiful city with rich history.  It is orderly and peaceful.
We would love to spend more time in this great city.

The hotel Marriott where we stayed and our double decker bus.

Quito by night...

We went to Panecillo Hill where Spencer W. Kimball dedicated the country of Ecuador for the preaching of the gospel in 1965.  
It was cold and had hailed there earlier in the day.
The lights of the city, the beautiful old churches, the folkloric dancers that entertained us in our seminar, and all the wonderful meals were enjoyed by all of us who participated.

We were fed by the spirit with many more things we need to do to help our missionaries and the members in our mission. 
 Now if we can just get back to work and do them.  
We are ever so grateful for this opportunity to serve and the great leaders who with inspiration help to guide us and direct the Lord's work in our area. 

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