Sunday, December 30, 2012

The long and winding road...

...that leads Buenaventura

We went to Buenaventura to help with a Branch training on the new church curriculum for youth,
"Come Follow Me," and to help with an open house that was planned for that night.
After arriving at the Chapel and unloading all the packages and goodies for the Elders,
we tried to start the Explorer and the battery was dead!! 
 (at least it didn't happen on that long road!)

A good neighbor came to the aid with a set of jumper cables.
  We went directly (did NOT pass go) to the shop to get a new battery.
 Elders Aldunate and Welling
Steve and Marcie happy to be almost done!
And happy to check into the hotel where they hung out while we went to do training...
...someone got the best end of this deal!
They did successfully take a taxi and join us at the chapel for the open house.
I was impressed as the interacted with the members and guests 
and stretched their spanish skills.

It is hard not to love these great saints.
They had about 123 in attendance and about one fourth were non-member guests!!

 The Buenaventura Elders
Elders Chase, Alfonso, Hogan, Aldunate, Borg, and Welling

Seeing Buenaventura all lit up in Christmas lights...beautiful!

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