Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year...a new group...

Our first group of 2013 to arrive...

Elder Lopez...after a volleyball injury in the MTC!!

Back:  Elders Marquez, Peterson, Chavez, Gallardo, Mina, Dearing, Didericksen, Lucana, Joglar, Peterson, Antonio, and Miranda
Front:  Elder Arista, Hna Quispe, Pdte y Hna Prince, Elder Lopez, and Elder Robbins

After a Welcome Lunch...a trip to Cristo Rey

There is no better shadow to stand in than that of our Savior!
Here we go...a New Year, a new group, and a new opportunity!

DAY, new companions, and off to new areas...
Our new missionaries arrive at 8:30am on Day 2
They start with a good breakfast 
then they are trained by all of the office secretaries...
important things like:
obedience, health, safety, finances, obedience, baptism registries, housing, obedience, packages, documents, obedience, mission rules, robberies, obedience

While they are learning all these important things, their trainers are in
a meeting at the office with President Prince

At 12:30 we have our meet your trainers presentation...always a lot of smiles!!

Then it is time to eat again...and get acquainted!

Afternoon is more training and then off they go...
A new group...a new much new to learn and experience!!

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