Saturday, June 22, 2013

Four moving forward...

In June 2011 we met Elder Riepl, Elder Jensen, and Elder Stucki while they were in the MTC.
In July 2011 Elder Aspajo (on right) was the first missionary we received in the mission,

A lot happens in 2 years...
You watch young men grow to be capable leaders.
You watch their testimonies deepen and their faith grow.
You watch the look in their eyes change from fear of arriving in a new country,
to confidence that the Lord was and will be at their side.
You watch friendships deepen and hearts expand to love all people.
You listen to stories that have shaped their lives.
You listen to memories they will forever share with family and those they teach.
You listen to them witness of the truthfulness of the gospel with power and conviction.
You remember that the Lord is in charge...and missionary work is a miracle.
You remember that your life has been changed because these valiant missionaries were placed in your care.

As these four missionaries move forward with their lives,
they will be missed!

We had a fun "last supper" with them...

 and the next morning sent them off to their families...
 Paola and Alexander, converts of Elder Stucki, came to see him off

This is how we all feel about their leaving Colombia!

 Headed home to the U.S.A....Goodbye Colombia!

And then Elder Aspajo...headed to Iquitos, Peru via Bogota

We will all move forward.
Our lives are better for having known these four missionaries.
They have left a part of their hearts in Colombia.
They are loved and will be missed.

Hasta Ver!

A BONUS picture...Elder Jensen made it home

and Elder Stucki made it home!

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