Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hurry up and wait...or a day behind and a peso short...

There are just not enough hours in our days.
We wake up tired and fall into bed exhausted (and it isn't always our own bed!)
We try to keep up with all the missionary needs,
all the district needs,
all the stake invitations,
and our family far away.

We always feel like we are behind...
and thus is my excuse for not having posted on this blog for a month.

Here are a few of the things that have occurred 
(with no pictures to show for the 191 interviews that took place at an average of 15 mins a piece, in 6 diferent do the math)

A Trip to Buenaventura 
to reorganize the Branch Presidency
 a talent show
... the real beauty is in the Young Women of this branch!

 The Buenaventura Branch
 My Buenaventura Missionaries
Back:  Elders Armstrong, Didericksen, Novoa, Avalos, Martinez
Front:  Elders Musselman, Inga, Lopez

A Trip to the Tuluá District
to have District Conference
 Lunch with the Zarzal district
Elders Lang, Lamoreaux, Sisters Cedano, Cruz, Elders Hogan, Bran

Dinner with the Tuluá District Presidency and their wives

Well fed both physically and spiritually on this trip!!!

Finally arriving in Pasto for interviews!
This was our 2nd attempt to get to Pasto...the weather has caused us a lot of delays!

 Ipiales Zone
Time with the Pasto sisters...there are 6 there now! 

Family Night 
with Elders Cordova and Matos and their investigators
 Families can be together forever!
 5 of the 6 children have already been baptized...#6 is only 7.
The parents got married on Friday and baptized on Saturday after this family night!!

And Family night the following week
with Sisters Valencia, Galan, Hernandez and Chacón...

Back to Pasto for Stake Conference
we made it in spite of LONG delays in the airports!

Taking time with members, converts, investigators and missionaries
after the conference


 The members love these missionary sisters! 

 The missionaries here LOVE the members!!

Coming soon...
Photos from the Primary group that came to the mission home to 
learn how to make brownies! 
Now that was a fun activity!!...HERE THEY ARE...finally!
 Sister Galicia and Sister Villacis...the "master minds" behind the activity
 Getting started...singing I am a Child of God
 Mix and create

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