Tuesday, October 29, 2013


¨Happiness is a continuation of happenings 
which are not resisted.¨
Deepak Chopra

 This is REAL happiness.
We continue to see it Happening in the lives of good people.
We see our Missionaries making happiness happen!

 18 months ago Marcela left for her mission
We were happy to hear of her happenings on her mission to California.
How fun to see her reunited with her parents.

 Even though I sometimes resist it...
Missionaries just happen to complete their missions
and when I don´t resist letting it happen
Happiness occurs when they arrive back to their families!

We had four missionaries finish their missions this week.
Happiness is happening in Peru, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

A Farewell Evening
with Elders Hidalgo, Matos, Borg, and Heredia

and then it HAPPENED.....

 Elder Hidalgo´s parents arrived to pick him up from his mission!
True happiness HAPPENED as
we returned this great missionary to his mother!

And the next morning Elders Heredia, Borg, and Matos
were off to the waiting arms of their families.

Happiness is what happens when you don´t resist
what should happen...
See you soon...good and faithful servants!

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