Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inter - VIEWS...

I wish I was better with the camera.
I simply forget that it is in my purse sometimes.
Precious moments remain just memories in my mind and are not captured.
I sit with wonderful missionaries in interviews...15 mins each one.
We are talking about improving our ability to LISTEN...not hear, but LISTEN
to our investigators, leaders, companions, and most of all the spirit.

I become absorbed as the Latin missionaries 
practice their English by reading the simple primary song:
LISTEN to the still small voice LISTEN, LISTEN
When you have to make a choice
He will guide you...ALWAYS!

It is awesome to see the understanding come...LISTEN ALWAYS!
Such a simple gospel principle...but we are still perfecting our ability to do so!

We share thoughts, share banana bread, and they are on their way...
without even a thought of me pulling out my camera.

But on the way to the interviews, I happenend to capture a few VIEWS of the journey!

 Honestly...this is how we ALL feel...just glad President Prince stays awake while driving!

 We love the big trees that hang out over the road.
 No matter where you go in the world they have construction barrels!

 So many motorcycles wherever we go!

 Our favorite sight...missionaries walking to their interviews!
Sisters Rapalo and Flores with Elders Cartes and Checo
a great district!
It is a beautiful country...with beautiful views on our way to interviews!

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