Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All I Want for Christmas is...

...5 New Missionaries!
 and they arrived via airplane NOT Santa´s sleigh!
 We welcomed Elders Estrada and Frias 
Hermanas Ortiz, López, and Tontaquimba
with a Welcome Lunch at the Mission Home

and then a trip to Cristo Rey to see their mission field... IS white and ready to harvest!

Elder and Sister Aagard joined us
How grateful we are to have them here in the mission!

On the arrival day there are a lot of things to do:
-visits to the immigration office to register visas
-interviews with President Prince
-attending baptisms at night
just to name a few...and let me remind you that they are exhausted!!

The next day is training and meeting their first companion
Welcome to the best mission in the world!!
Trainers and New missionaries...
 Elders Frias and Welling...
 Elders Ramos and Estrada...
  And the sisters...
 Sisters López and Chub...
  Sisters Tontaquimba and Jochacallo...
 Sisters Romero and Ortiz...

Lunch and getting to know you
then more training and off to work!

Here is hoping that these 5 new missionaries
get all they want for Christmas here in the Mission.
Serving others is the best gift.

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