Friday, December 13, 2013

It´s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas...

Off to Pasto to start our Christmas visits with...
The Pasto zone
 Front: Hermanas Guzman, Araneda, Cruz, Princes, Marte, Galicia, Medina
Back: Elders Chumacerro, Lang, Chavez, J. Ruiz, Morgan, Lobelcho, Aldunate, M. Ruiz, Nuñez, Mitchell, Calvillo, Bautista, Guerrero, Garcia
The Ipiales Zone
Front: Elder Hogan, Princes, Elder Faúndez
Back:  Elders Farinango, K. Rodriguez, Chase, Anderson, Andrew, Lyle, J. Rodriguez, Tidei, Flores, Arista

We Celebrated those who achieved
Queen Esther and Captain Moroni awards
Hermanas Cruz and Araneda
Elders Chase, Lyle and K. Rodriguez
(if you are wondering why Hermana Cruz is in pants...this was taken after the talent show!)

We Celebrated Birthdays from Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec
Pasto Zone
 front: Elders Morgan, Garcia, Mitchell
back: Elders Chumacerro, J. Ruiz, Lang, Sister Cruz, and Elder Bautista
Ipiales Zone
Elders: Arista, K. Rodriguez, Anderson, J. Rodriguez, and Farinango

We started the conference with a scripture study of the Atonement
that was powerful and life changing...wish you had been there!

The Talent Show was amusing!

Lunch was enjoyed by all!

What is Christmas without presents?

 With the Sisters
Sisters Cruz, Guzman, Araneda, Medina, Galicia, and Marte

 Elders Arista, Flores, Anderson, and Farinango

 Elders Andrew, J. Rodriguez, Chase, and K. Rodriguez

Elders Lyle, Tidei, Hogan and Faúndez 
 Elders Morgan and Aldunate...our very capable zone leaders!
 Elders Guerrero and Calvillo AND Sisters Cruz and Medina
 Elders J. Ruiz, Chumacerro, Mitchell, and Chavez
 Elders Lobelcho and Lang AND Sisters Marte and Galicia
Elders Bautista, M. Ruiz, Nuñez, and Garcia

It is Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas 
as the missionaries continue to share 
the GIFT of the Gospel with all!!

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