Friday, May 2, 2014

The best of times...

Some of the best times
occur in the setting apart of missionaries.
You feel the anxiety of the parents...letting go.
You sense the excitement of the new missionary...waiting to go.
You feel heaven near and this promise waiting to be fulfilled:
¨And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face.  
I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, 
and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.¨ 
DC 84:88
 Hermana Cantor is off to serve in Mexico.
She served a mini-mission with us in the Cali Mission.
She is well prepared and ready to serve.
Surrounded by Cali Missionaries...several of which were instrumental 
in bringing her back into activity in the church and helping her prepare for this day!

Elder Rincon has the fame of being the first missionary
from the Pradera branch in our Palmira district.
He is off to Honduras!
Ready and Eager to head out to the mission field.
From his parents arms into the arms of the missionaries!

Another best time is attending baptisms...
...there are no shortage of those in our mission!

We started Sunday morning off at an early morning baptism.
We first visited with this family in their home with the missionaries over a year ago!
What a BEST to be able to watch them be baptized together.

And nothing can BEST being with members and missionaries on a Sunday morning!
Here we are with a sister who will leave in a week for her mission,
an Elder who started a mini mission this week,
an investigator, members, and 2 missionaries.

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