Sunday, May 25, 2014

They MAY-ed it...the MAY group of returning missionaries...

 May 2014 group of Returning Missionaries
We had a great dinner together 
three trips to the airport to see everyone off!  
(three times as hard!!)

 Elders Caja, Gonzales, and Santizo
 and joining them to head home for a minor knee surgery...Sister Sanda
We hope she gets well fast and hurries back to Colombia!!
 Safe travels!

 Elders Aldunate, Cartes, and Separovic
Many members came to the airport to say their good-byes!
 ....and they are off to Chile!

Elder Aldunate has been our assistant since mid-December.
He is an incredible teacher, a humble servant, and has a fun sense of humor.
Saying Good-bye was hard to do!

Off to Bolivia...until we meet again!
Elder Kendrick...headed back to the U.S.A.
 well done...we will see you soon!
He made it back home to his family!!

The Changing of the Assistants
 For a week we had 3 assistants
Elders Eliason, Aldunate, and Henao
What a powerful trio!

These two have become great friends...Elder Aldunate and Pres Prince.

 Our new assistants who will prepare the way for the New Mission President...
Elder Eliason and Elder Henao

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