Friday, June 13, 2014

A joyful reunion...

When Alma met the sons of Mosiah after being separated, the scriptures say
  ¨...he did rejoice exceedingly to see his brethren; and what added more to his joy, they were still his brethren in the Lord;...¨
Alma 17:2

We experienced some of this joy in a reunion with some of our
returned missionaries in Peru on June 10.
Flor Chacon, Joel Suarez, Victor Razuri, and Rocio Bautista
All Cali Missionaries...joined us for a session in the Lima Temple.
What a pleasure to meet spouses and family of these great missionaries!

 Trying on a new look...maybe AFTER the mission!

A highlight for us was getting to meet some of the parents of missionaries who are still serving in the Cali Mission with us.
Sister Avila´s parents traveled over 16 hours to meet is no surprise that their daughter is a leader among the sister missionaries!

Elder Erland Sanchez´parents also traveled a great distance to come to the temple.  This story is a sweet one.  They have two children...both serving on missions.  They arrived to be sealed in the temple and we were able to attend.  President Prince was a witness at their sealing!  

In the evening we had a reunion for all returned missionaries and parents of both returned and current missionaries who could join us.
What a fun evening!
Here we are singing ¨Called to Serve¨ with our returned missionaries! 

Returned missionaries from the Colombia Cali Mission
 Front:  Joel Miranda, Javier Rodriguez, Brigner Alvarado, Darwin Heredia
Back:  Jherson Solorzano, Victor Razuri, Rocio Bautista, Jairo Vasquez, Diego Loro, Joel Suarez, 
Flor Chacon, and Damaris Sanda (home on medical leave soon to return!)

The Whole Group!

Photo Gallery...¨rejoicing exceedingly¨
of course there is a story behind every picture...
 Hermana Sanda is home on medical leave recuperating 
from a meniscus surgery.  She has a good support group and they are helping her prepare to return to the mission field.
 Behind every missionary is a great mom...
Here is Elder Campos´mom, sister, and ¨friend¨!
They love their missionary!
 Parents of Sister Landa!
 Parents of Sister B. Hernandez
 Parents of Elder Tolentino
Dad of Elder D. Perez

And our Returned missionaries...
 Jherson Solorzano and his family
 Joel Suarez and family
 Javier Rodriguez and Mom
 Flor Chacon and Mom
 Diego Loro and Mom
 Rocio Bautista with her Mom and Husband
Victor and Arlé Rázuri...with baby on the way!

Feeling the Love of TWO Moms...
What a blessing to be part of their lives!
Great Men...
(I still have a hard time not calling them Elder!)
 Jairo Vasquez, Diego Loro, and Darwin Heredia

Some individual shots...
with Jairo Vasquez
with Joel Suarez
with Rocio Bautista de Lázaro
 with Victor Rázuri
with Jherson Solorzano
We love these great men and women
¨exceedingly rejoice¨ that they are still our children in the Lord!

 The family of our Elder E. Flores arrived at the hotel to meet us.
Elder Uceda used to be their Bishop and Stake President.
Once again we are grateful for the support of good families!

¨it adds more to our JOY

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