Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This I will miss...

The place is spectacular
but it is the people that have made it unforgetable!

This I will miss...
 ...I made my last trip to the Galeria with Ana and Maria today.

Meet Don is where the fruit salads, banana bread, and juices begin.
He has faithfully helped me to buy my fruits for 3 years!

 and here are his family members that help us carry everything to the car!
 And we can always count on the potatoes here...
 and Jonathan is always running through the Galeria helping us carry things!
 Where I always buy my eggs...30 in a flat and we usually need at least 2!
 Meet Gustavo...he runs ¨Aqui es Fabio¨...where I buy the chicken!!
 They will cut it and package it anyway you want...bones - no bones, skin on - no skin, fillets, whole, portions...just name i!

The paper products store...I wish there were one like this in St. George!
 And Don Chu-chu (not sure where that name came from)
He is our Pasto friend...always helpful for good vegetables.
 Farewell Galeria.
Farewell to he who helped me park each time I arrived.

These people I will miss...because of their goodness!

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