Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome to the Best Mission in the Universe...

We are ready...

 Here they come...

Loading up...
off to Colombia Immigration, Interviews with President, and writing to tell parents
This is where the Lord sent me to serve!
A welcome lunch and group photo
A trip to Cristo Rey to look at their mission

 Headed out to work with missionaries for the night
 DAY 2
A whole lot of fun, food, and new friends
 cute new aprons made by Sister Aagard...she is a VERY talented woman
and her models are VERY cute...Maria and Ana
 Ready to meet their companions
 Don´t Peek!

 Welcome to the instant new friend and companion!

 Our June missionaries and their trainers!
 Making miracles in the kitchen

 The Office Crew
Just a shout out for all their hard work...transfer week is HARD
These wonderful missionaries make it happen.
Welcoming Elder Robbins and Elder Estrada to the crazy office life!
 Getting to know you...

Waiting for his companion to get out of the kitchen!
Elder Aagard is a patient companion and Sister Aagard is a valuable set of hands!!

 The mission is too short to not have ice cream...bring on Dessert!
 Back to work

And that is what makes these missionaries feel like they are in the BEST Mission in the Universe!

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