Thursday, July 14, 2011


Changes happen in the mission every 6 weeks.  After just 2 weeks in the mission field I feel like my whole life has changed.  The world out of my 15th floor window is a whole new world to me...the sounds of salsa music, horns honking, cars and motos whizzing by, people speaking spanish, and an occasional street vendors bell.  The sights of skyscrapers, colored buildings, yellow taxis, and darkness falling shortly after 6pm each evening.  All of these things are combining to paint the picture of my new world.  Looking out of my bedroom window you can see the Cristo Rey statue high above the city with its arms reaching out.  I am grateful to know that amidst all the changes that have taken place in my life this year, my Savior stands with His arms stretched out still ready to shelter me from the fear, sadness, and loneliness that might creep in. 

This weeks miracle (and it is only Thursday!)...I drove for the first time on the streets of Cali.  With Marcie in the passenger seat and Maria and Ana in the back as navigators, we made it safely across the city and home again!  This is no small miracle...if only you could experience the streets of Cali!


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Simply Sherrie said...

I've loved following your blog. I knew you would make us feel like we were there with you! Your are certainly missed in the ward, but thank you for your great example of service and sacrifice. Love, Reg and Sherrie