Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do

We fell in love quickly with these dedicated missionaries and it is hard to say goodbye after just 2 weeks of knowing them.  (I have never liked goodbyes, so we will just say hasta luego!) They are excited to return to their families and ready to carry on in the work of the kingdom for the rest of their lives.  Best wishes:  Hermana Verdezoto and Elders Beltran, Miranda, Villamar, and Utria! 

Elder Miranda is the first missionary in the Colombia Cali mission to take and pass the English Oral Proficiency Exam.  All of our Latin Missionaries are studying English during their language study time.  It is NOT easy to learn a foreign language just from the books when they are not speaking it every day.  English is ONE thing I can do to help them!  I am so proud of them and their hard work.  
I am especially proud of Elder Miranda...his smile tells it all!

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