Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our first New Missionaries

Today we picked up our first new missionaries.  We left the house at 6am for the airport (successfully finding it by ourselves...no small feat)  Elder Jara (on the left) arrived on time but without
 Elder Aspajo (on the right).  We were not sure which flight Elder Aspajo would be arriving on and learned from the office that it wouldn´t arrive for 3 hours.  We decided to head back into Cali and return later for Elder Aspajo.  While leaving the airport, we took the wrong road and had to find a retorno to go back to the airport to get on the correct road.  We learned on our way back that Elder Aspajo was waiting at the airport and had made it on an earlier flight.  We are sure that the Lord was driving our car this morning!  We have our first new missionaries!!  They are anxious to get to work and serve the Lord!  We had lunch together at the mission home and then they headed out to work.
Here we are with our capable office Elders and Assistants: Elders Garcia, Gallo, Zanuttini, Alfaro, Farr, and Guevarra.  Elder Jara and Elder Aspajo are in great hands!  Welcome to the best mission in the world!

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