Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December is here!
Come Let Us Adore HIM....

Christmas in the mission field
Memories of home
Sounds of Christmas carols in a foreign language.

No snow,
Lots of lights,
Very few of the ingredients I like to bake with.

No children,
Lots of missionaries,
Very few moments to deck the halls.

No Christmas cards to send,
Lots of hustle and bustle,
Very few jingle bells and ho, ho, ho.

The Christmas story
reminds us of HIS glory
Constant as the shining star
that guided wise men from afar

Christmas in the mission field
Sharing the story of HIS glory
Memories of our eternal home

December is here

And the travel and parties continue...

First to Medellin

One of the gifts of this trip was reuniting
President Prince with his first missionary companion, Javier Ocampo.
I would say Elder Ocampo was a VERY good trainer!

Merry Christmas from Zona MedellĂ­n

Although we do not have to travel by donkey to be taxed
sometimes it might be easier than flying to Pasto!
Travel to Pasto is complicated.
We arrived at the airport to find out the flight was delayed 3 + hours
We changed flights and flew into Bogota
We waited
We arrived at the Pasto airport at 12:45pm
Taxi ride into Pasto got us to the chapel just minutes before 2pm

The meeting was supposed to start at 11:30 with lunch at 12:30...
they saved us lunch and brought over a microwave to warm it up.

We adjusted...there was room in the inn when we arrived and we were welcomed with smiles!

Merry Christmas from Zona Pasto
(Papa Noel is none other than our Elder Garcia serving in Ipiales!)

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