Saturday, December 17, 2011

The weather outside is frightful...

RAIN...more rain...and even more...
Water, water all around and in Manizales not a drop to drink!
The rain has caused its share of problems.  Manizales is again without water. 
Our missionaries there are real pioneers.
we do not have to shovel the rain and it isn't cold.  A MERRY Christmas!!

This week we said good bye to Elder Bastias...back to Chile and a new chapter...
how we will miss that smile!


6 Zones gathered in Cali for training and a Christmas Fiesta.
Popayan, Tulua, Palmira, Calima, Villa Colombia, y San Fernando.

Listening to them sing Christmas hymns was inspiring.
Watching them hug and visit with each other was touching.
Enjoying their many talents was amusing.
Worshipping and celebrating together was heart warming.

We love this big missionary family!!
See Super Cali Slideshow on righthand of page!

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