Sunday, March 4, 2012

Assisting...behind the scenes

We have great assistants.
They are where we need them, whenever we need them,
doing whatever we need them to do.

Elder Jamett and Elder Belnap
at the Pasto airport

They inspire and help our office crew to have a great work ethic.
"The Office"
Elder and Sister Torgerson (housing and mission nurse)
Elder Belnap and Elder Jamett (assistants to the President)
Elder Novoa and Elder Ramirez (secretary in training and secretary to the President)
Elder Razuri and Elder Vera (finance secretary and materials secretary)
This crew keeps the mission machine running.

Our assistants preach the gospel, teach and train in meetings, compile and submit statistics,
help with transfers, sleep on hard floors or share mattresses while on divisions,
help get packages delivered, answer phone calls for the President, carry bags for sister Prince,
inspire us, laugh with us, cry with us, and carry us through the weeks.

They are simply amazing
and wearing themselves out in the service of
their Heavenly Father
their brothers and sisters.

We love these great young men!!

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