Friday, March 9, 2012

Marching on...

This March group of Elders is ready to
march ahead with their lives

The routine of saying good-bye consists of:
1.  Interview with the president
2.  Lunch at the mission home with all those going home

Elders Castro, Ordonez, Catala, Naranjo, León, Jamett, Duque, Hernandez, Andrade, Trigozo, Moscol

3.  Saying good-bye to converts, beloved members, and investigators
4.  Weighing suitcases and deciding what things to leave behind...out with the old
5.  A pizza party and testimony meeting at the mission home in the evening

6.  A lot of nervousness and not much sleep
7.  Leaving for the airport at 4am to get all checked in
8.  More teary goodbyes and handshakes
9.  Marching through the security gates to a life that has been on hold for 2 years
Elders Trigozo, Naranjo, Ordonez, Moscol, Castro, Duque, and Hernandez

Good luck as you March into your futures...
We are SO lucky to have you in our lives forever!

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