Monday, April 30, 2012

Weather or not...

Last week we had the strongest rain we have seen since arriving.
It literally came down sideways...the wind blew, lightening filled the sky, thunder boomed close by and hail bounced off the balcony.
We live on the 15th floor and the water filled our balcony, poured through the sliding doors, and entered the study windows. 
We bailed out and went next door to bail out the neighbors.
The storm knocked out power in half of the city of Cali
The streets looked like rivers
The traffic came to a grinding halt
But even with the power out and the San Fernando Chapel flooded,
Paola was not to be denied her baptism

It was the first baptism by candlelight and cell phones (to read the hymnbook) that I have attended
this is one happy couple!

And these wonderful youth were so glad to have their father get wet
in the waters of baptism!

If it is true that their is rain before the rainbow
trials before the blessings
then the rain today proved to bring a special evening

With reports of flooding in Colombia from all this rain
we are still flooding the earth with baptisms
"the truth of God will go forth boldly...until it has visited every clime,
swept every country, and sounded in every ear..."
Weather or not....nothing can stop the work from progressing!

In our Calima Zone we had 16 baptisms!
It was a wonderful evening and the chapel was filled with members & families.
Our zone leaders, Elders Stutz and Patino, organized the perfect Noche Blanca!!

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