Friday, May 4, 2012

The Ins and Outs...

Like the waves in the ocean
Missionaries go out and missionaries come in
Some come in with a great splash
Others leave me in a puddle of tears as they leave

Elders Venegas, Flores, Cabezas, Martinez, Chipunavi, and Alfaro

These great missionaries are leaving us after having helped the mission to achieve
the highest monthly mark of baptisms in the last 10 years.
In April we had 160 baptisms in the mission. 
These dedicated Elders are now ready to help their home wards progress and grow.
I can't wait to hear about the futures of some of these great Elders...
they are sure to be leaders.                

On May 1st the plane rolled in to Cali with 14 new missionaries.
Included in this group of great young men are
8 North Americans who are our first group to have attended the MTC in Bogota.
We could tell the difference in how they have adapted to the language, culture, and food.

We had a welcome lunch and visited Cristo Rey.

and then that evening we all attended a baptism together...that is what we do in this mission!!

The following day was full of training and meeting their new trainers
(although 3 elders had to wait until the following day as they had 10 hour bus rides to their areas!)

In with the new
out with the experienced...

Elders Garcia, BarĂ³n, and Gimenez
have all served as zone leaders, helped with new missionaries,
and stayed a few extra days to help us through this transfer cycle.

We welcome missionaries IN to the mission with warm handshakes
send them OUT to their homes with strong hugs.
They have come into our lives forever.

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