Friday, August 31, 2012

Good times...

Not having a kitchen means being creative
or inviting yourself to lunch

 Ajiaco with Lulu Juice
Ajiaco is one of my favorite Colombian dishes.
It is a potato soup with shredded chicken and mazorca...
top it off with avocado and cream...
(What is Lulu you ask?  A Colombian fruit...I have never seen in the US)

Carne with Rice, Potatoes, and Salad
It is typical to have rice AND potatoes together at every meal.
Here we are with our assistants and secretaries
at the home of Oliva and Andres

What made these lunches special was the people we shared it with.

Will I miss the food here?  NO
        Will I miss the people?      FOREVER

(well...maybe I will miss the Ajiaco, too!)

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