Sunday, August 26, 2012

What's cooking...

In the kitchen of the mission home...
...absolutely nothing is cooking!
We are now at the one month mark of living without a kitchen.
Here is a visual update of how the kitchen remodeling job is going...

We tried to plastic off the doorway and seal it,
but the house was covered with a fine layer of white dust.

can you see the footprints down the hall???
I feel like I am breathing and covered with dust!
Our makeshift kitchen in the back bedroom and bathroom.
We have eaten too many sandwiches in the panini press!

In the hills outside our window things are cooking...
It has been VERY hot and VERY dry.
About once a week a fire starts up in the foothills.

Often the balcony is covered with ash that blows in from the fires.
The heat has us cooking here in Cali, but not in the kitchen.

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aubreyq said...

Your kitchen still isn't done?! Good grief! I wish I could help!