Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why not TRI-CALI?.....

In Cali we have 3 zones
Calima, Villa Colombia, and San Fernando
When we have them all together for zone conference
we have about 56 missionaries gathered.

The energy is contagious.
The activities and lunch take more time.
The spirit is strong...why not TRI-CALI???

Zona Calima
Hermanas Villacis and Perdomo - Elders Tauaese and Avalos (front)
Elder and Hermana Torgerson, Elders Lipe, Separovic, Matos, Caja, Belnap, Welling, Jara, Peek, Chirinos, Rojas, Loro, Rivera, Patino, Llerna (back)

Zona San Fernando
Elder and Hermana Oliver - Hermanas Fuentealba and Bautista (front)
Elders Holden, Canari, Casas, Chavez, Stucki, Riepl, Toledo, Cordova, Rivadeneira, Almendares (middle)
Elders Borg, Brodowski, Ruiz, Stutz, Silva, Novoa (back)

Zona Villa Colombia
Elders Candia, Checo, Walton, and Paez (front)
Elders Suarez, Somoza, E.Ramos, Zambrano, Olguin, Williams, Edwards, M.Ruiz, Rogche, Gonzalez (back)

The Office
The Olivers and The Torgersons (front)
Elders Rivadeneira, Novoa, Stutz, Silva, and Almendares (back)

Happy Day
The day of zone conference...Aug 15 was Elder Patino's birthday

those who celebrated birthdays in June, July, and August

Zona Calima
 Elders Chirinos, Rojas, Separovic, Patino

Zona San Fernando
Elders Brodowski and Holden, Hermana Bautista, Elders Novoa and Rivadeneira

Zona Villa Colombia
Elder Checo

The Games
and the medal winners
 Zona Calima:
Gold - Elder Patino (Colombia)
Silver - Elder Rivera (Peru)
Bronze - Elder Belnap (USA)

 Zona San Fernando:
Gold - Hermana Bautista (Peru)
Silver - Hermana Fuentealba (Chile)
Bronze - Elder Riepl (USA)
Zona Villa Colombia:
Gold - Elder Paez (Argentina)
Silver - Elder Olguin (Mexico)
Bronze - Elder Walton (USA)

Finishing up, Making Commitments, and Saying Good-bye


You ought to give Cali a TRI...it is 3 times the fun...3 times the missionaries...3 times the love...
3 times the spirit!!

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