Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pasto...Ipiales...it is complicated!

On Thursday, August 16 we headed to Pasto.
The flights to Pasto are always a bit more complicated.
We rushed to the airport to get our flight changed as all flights had been delayed.
We flew into Bogota and then to Pasto, arriving a bit later than planned.

Interviews and Dinner with the Zone Leaders and then check into the hotel.
Pasto is COLD....Ipiales is COLDER...
It just doesn't seem right to have the sun shining and to feel so cold in the summer.
But it is beautiful on the drive...

The Torgerson's flew south with us to work on the missionaries apartments.
Elder Torgerson likes the cold...it must be more like Idaho!!
but I thought you flew south to get warm...wrong!

 Zona Pasto
Elders Menendez and Camacho (front)
Elders Amado, Heredia, Gavilla, Cha, Banks, Baez, Lopez, Inga (back)

  Zona Ipiales
Elders Fuentealba and M. Jensen (front)
Elders Perez, Allauja, Saavedra, Ramos, Duque, Solórzano, Rázuri, Delgadillo (back)

Happy Birthday to you...
those who have birthdays in June, July, & August
Elders Rázuri, Solórzano, Inga, Baez, and Duque
(and yes...I kept my coat and scarf on during all the conference except for zone photos
...there is NO heating in the chapels)

Game time and medal winners
Searching the scriptures
Zona Pasto
GOLD - Elder Heredia
SILVER - Elder Lopez
BRONZE - Elder Menendez

Zona Ipiales
GOLD - Elder Duque
SILVER - Elder Ramos
BRONZE - Elder Rázuri

Finishing up and making commitments
We attended church at the Mariluz chapel in Pasto
 Elder Camacho trying to measure up to Elder Stutz'stature
The Torgerson's and Elder Menedez

 President and Elder Almendares
The Torgersons with the Volcano Galera of Pasto in the background.

Headed home ...finally!
Did I mention that getting to Pasto was complicated?
Leaving Pasto is complicated as well.
We arrived at the airport at 1pm for a 3:45 flight.
If the wind is blowing wrong the planes can not land on this mesa...
The plane could not land and therefore we could not leave
We waited...

At 6:30 pm we were finally, HAPPILY, boarding our flight.

Elders Almendares and Stutz...happy to be headed home.
Pasto and Ipiales are complicated....but the church is growing,
the missionaries are happy,
and we will be going back!

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