Thursday, February 28, 2013

One strike and we are out....

The Colombia Coffee Grower's Strike
has adversely affected missionary transfers in the Cali mission.

Apparently NO buses can get from our southern cities to Cali,
and we wouldn't put the missionaries at risk trying to get through the rioting.

So we are on only took one strike to take out transfers!

BUT...the planes did take off and land.

After a farewell dinner and testimony meeting on Sunday night...

The gringos (ties courtesy of our talented Elder Dyas)
Elders Stutz, President, and Elder Dyas
The Peruanos
Elders Allauja, Solórzano, Vilchez, Loro, Rivera, and Yapura
Monday morning we sent home 8 wonderful missionaries

From President Prince's arms to his momma's arms in SLC, UT!
(it isn't often that we get the returning fun!)

AND after 3 trips to the airport on Tuesday...
We finally received 8 new missionaries!
Hermana Flores and Hermana Gonzalez
Elders Mancilla, Campos, Gil, Jones, Vaca, and Medina

The kitchen was open ALL day with missionaries coming and going...


If you don't keep laughing, you are bound to cry after a day like today!

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Marcie Prince said...

I love those flag ties!