Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Focused on Building Leaders

Every 3 months we have time to do specialized training...
"training focused on specific mission needs"
This month we "focused" on our District leaders.

We met with 10 District leaders from the north zones
Tulua, Buga, Paraíso, and Palmira
(and forgot to take even one picture)
We could see those who listened up, stepped up, and will make up the future zone leaders of the mission.

Next we flew to Pasto...
it is ALWAYS complicated going to Pasto.
After a 2 hour weather delay, we finally made it.
It was COLD
But our 6 Pasto and Ipiales district leaders
are incredible.(here with our assistants)

The following day we headed to Popayán

Our leaders come in all sizes
but their desire to serve 
is one size fits all!!

Our last group was the
Villa Colombia, Calima, San Fernando, Farallones, and La Costa zones

Here we are all focused on getting started...
but once they got going
I forgot to take more pictures.
From the lack of pictures, it seems that I was more
focused on building leaders
focusing my camera...
I promise to do better next time!

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